Tel: 0121 327 7800

Hours: 0700 – 1600


What We Do

Our plant and machinery include:

  • 45,000 Sq./ft. of manufacturing space
  • 7 off Vacuum forming machines,1000mm x 600mm to 2500mm x 2700mm
  • 4 off 5-Axis CNC routers, 2200mm x 1500mm
  • Fanuc 6-Axis router
  • 3-D Stiefelmayer CMM 2000mm x 1500mm
  • On site Tool maintenance workshop with machinery
  • Complete prototyping capabilities
  • 6 Low pressure polyurethane cells
  • 2 High pressure polyurethane cells
  • 1 2KM RIM Dispensing machine
  • 3 “S” RIM presses (manipulating)
  • Vaqua Blast abrasive machine
  • Makerbot Z18 3D Printer for prototyping

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


We use Vacuum forming, Drape forming and Hot wire bending to manufacture a wide range of products in a variety of different materials depending on customer requirements, including (but not limited to); ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene and HDPE.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


Our Polyurethane cells are equipped with both high and low pressure machines to deliver a range of rigid, self-skinning and cold cure foams to suit many applications from soft seating substrates all the way through to robust vehicle protection systems.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


We use expanded honeycomb cardboard as the basis for our composite sandwich panels with various laminate lay-ups tailored to the customer specific demands. These range from cost-effective, durable Fibreglass through to more specialist materials such as Basalt for high impact & temperature resistance, and Flax for a more sustainable solution.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


Many of our products are manufactured using a secondary CNC process, however we also offer a service for CNC machining plastic and composite components where it is not cost effective or feasible to modify current tooling.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


Our dedicated assembly section enables us to supply fully assembled, sequenced-to-line products, simplifying our customers’ production methods and supplying just in time.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800


The nature of the Vacuum forming process enables us to produce cost-effective, soft tooling to manufacture prototype or very low volume production parts with minimal lead time whilst maintaining production part level quality.

Thermotec Plastics Tel: 0121 327 7800